Classicism was the hallmark of the Carnatic music concert by Lalitha and Nandini on the violin as part of the Gokulashtami series at Krishna Gana Sabha in Chennai recently.
They played with a smile on their faces. The audience too left the hall after the concert -- smiling and satiated. 
The ragas and the kirtanas selected revealed their meticulous planning and lineage. ‘Gajaana Nayutam,’ (Chakravakom), ‘Teliyalaeru-Rama,’(Dhenuka), ‘Sogasugaa-Mridangam TaaLamu’ (Sriranjani), ‘Hiranmayeem,’ (Lalita) and ‘Pankaja Lochan’ (Kalyani) indicated their classical moorings.
Lalitha provided a soulful rendering of Lalitha followed by a smooth rendition of Hiranmayeem.
Nandini turned in an exquisite Kalyani (Pankaja Lochan).
Sai Giridhar (mridangam) and Pudukottai Ramachandran (ghatam) provided a brisk tani and able support.