By Meena Om 
Salutation to Imperfection. How important is imperfection for existence it is amazing. Imperfection is essential for existence, as perfection is essential for growth. As day and night. Nothing is higher or lower, better or worse.
Everything is essential for Supreme Creation. Everything is beautiful what you want or choose that is you liberty because in either state you will be contributing to supreme cause. It is imperfection that gives strength to perfection. It is the most beautiful game of Nature – harmonizing balancing taking all the forces along for evolution. 
Imperfection is the force behind perfection to make Truth realized.
There will not be any world without imperfection.
Truth can only be realized through Imperfection.
Satan – Imperfection
God – Perfection
Two sides of one coin
Two complementary Forces of Supreme Nature
So I salute to imperfection. Imperfection makes the existence happen. It makes the SHOW GO ON....
To know the Truth of Supreme.
Satyamev jayate.............Love never Fails.............Karm is Dharm................Light