Easily the most impressive part in the first day's events of the Aishwarya Puja at Pune was the Agni Manthan.  
An observer said, "I had always heard of it, but never seen it before". He had heard of such an experience at Kancheepuram and Varanasi.
The lighting of the Havan Agni with the churning (Manthan) of the special instrument made from a banyan tree, is considered extremely auspicious.  
A participant said it required a lot of effort and that is why it is generally not used. It took them about 15 minutes to get it going.  But the fact that wood was being used to create sparks and fire was amazing to many participants. 
On the first day, the Punyahvachanam, Matruka Puja, Pitra Shanti and Sankalapam were done at the residence of Pt. Sameer Khanwalker since it was his ancestral puja. It was done by his family for the first time after three generations.