When Andal speaks about the importance of getting up early in the morning to seek Lord Krishna and imagines she is a Gopi in Ayarpadi, and talks about how one must overcome the slumber, it is actually a message for us to get out of the slumber of ignorance and wake up to be aware of the Lord, said Kalyanapuram R Aravumadachariar, in a discourse.
In the Tiruppavai, there are ample references to Andal, believed to be the incarnation of Bhu Devi, on waking up early to see Lord Krishna and making efforts in this direction. 
In the ninth Pasuram “Thumani Madathu”, Andal tried to wake up her friend who is still asleep, and seeks the assistance of her friend's mother to wake her up. Andal wonders why she doesn't get up -- is she deaf, or dumb, or in the grip of a magic spell. 
Andal then asks the mother to call out her daughter by uttering the names of the Lord like Ma-mayan, Madhavan and Vaikuntan.   
The name Madhavan refers to Sri, the Divine Mother who works hard with Him to help the Jivatma come out of the Samsara.
Andal then suggests that the mother should utter the names of the Lord, specially the epithets Ma-mayan, Madhavan and Vaikuntan to wake the daughter. These names indicate Krishna’s auspicious qualities of Saulabhya and Saushilya that blend with His Paratva — His absolute supremacy over the transcendental realm as well as the entire universe created by His Maya. The term Madhavan draws attention to Sri, the Divine Mother who toils with Him to help the Jivatma get out of the turbulent Samsara.
Ma-mayan is the Lord’s Maya which continues to confound everyone. However, Andal says one need not be worried about the distance between us and His Paratva because he can be tied down by Bhakti. The Lord is drawn to those who sing His names, and and worship Him with a pure heart. These steps can help remove the sins of the past and those likely to be committed in future. Such is His power that one's sins can be absolved immediately.