Sunday, May 22, 2022

Result for Hinduism

How to bring enlightening consciousness - Swami Sukhabodhananda

If unhappiness exists, we keep it alive; we identify ourselves with it. We say, it will take time for the unhappiness to vanish, but because we give time, we keep unhappiness alive.

The 18th avatar of Lord Vishnu - By Ambujam Anantharaman

Kapila Muni, a sage who founded Sankhya philosophy, is deemed by the people of Rajasthan to be the 18th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The belief there is different – in most places in India we know of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, called “Dasavatar.” In that western Indian state, which has a huge border with Pakistan, the belief is that Lord Vishnu incarnated 22 times.

On Krishna's request Bhishma stresses values of Dharma

Anticipating a laxity towards dharma in Kali Yuga, Lord Krishna had asked Bhishma, lying on the bed of arrows awaiting his death, to expound his views on dharma and governance and share his knowledge with the Pandavas, so that they be passed on down the line and be preserved. Bhishma was moved when Krishna, along with the Pandavas, visited him and blessed him during the final moments of his life. Thus Bhishma deemed it a great honour to restate the ideals, moral codes and the best of spiritual practices, in the presence of Krishna, not just for Yudhishtir and his brothers to follow. The Lord wanted these values to be available down the line for ever and to be preserved among the people.

Sri Tirumeni Guruji performed special Bhagavathy seva

Sri Thirumeni Guruji has gained name and fame for the puja-s and homa-s/yagna-s that he conducts for the welfare of the people. He is very well-known for performing the Bhagavathy Seva (worship of Devi Bhagavathy, which is believed to bestow all kinds of benefits to the devotee and also serves as a protection from all miseries and evils. The performance of the Bhagavathy Seva once a month is considered to be equal to visiting the temple for thirty days).

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