Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Result for Krishna

The deeper meaning of Janamashtami by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The message of Janamashtami is that it is time to bring a wave of joy in society. Become seriously joyful!

Svanubhava brings many art forms on one platform

Svanubhava 2014 brought together many art forms on one platform -- at the Rukmini Arangham, Kalakshetra, Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai, from August 6 to 8, 2014. The fest was aimed at taking the arts to the student community at large, where they can not only be part of an artistic experience but also interact with performers and practitioners. It also hoped to create a future generation that will contribute to and value our artistic heritage. In short, it is run by students for students.

Classicism marks Lalitha Nandini violin concert

Classicism was the hallmark of the Carnatic music concert by Lalitha and Nandini on the violin as part of the Gokulashtami series at Krishna Gana Sabha in Chennai recently. They played with a smile on their faces. The audience too left the hall after the concert -- smiling and satiated. The ragas and the kirtanas selected revealed their meticulous planning and lineage.

On Krishna's request Bhishma stresses values of Dharma

Anticipating a laxity towards dharma in Kali Yuga, Lord Krishna had asked Bhishma, lying on the bed of arrows awaiting his death, to expound his views on dharma and governance and share his knowledge with the Pandavas, so that they be passed on down the line and be preserved. Bhishma was moved when Krishna, along with the Pandavas, visited him and blessed him during the final moments of his life. Thus Bhishma deemed it a great honour to restate the ideals, moral codes and the best of spiritual practices, in the presence of Krishna, not just for Yudhishtir and his brothers to follow. The Lord wanted these values to be available down the line for ever and to be preserved among the people.

Waking up to chanting of Lord's names

When Andal speaks about the importance of getting up early in the morning to seek Lord Krishna and imagines she is a Gopi in Ayarpadi, and talks about how one must overcome the slumber, it is actually a message for us to get out of the slumber of ignorance and wake up to be aware of the Lord, said Kalyanapuram R Aravumadachariar, in a discourse.

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