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From depression to deep happiness By Sri Sri Ravi

External pomp and show, wealth, admiration and adulation are not helpful in dealing with inner discontent, says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Priests begin Aishwarya Puja in Pune

Several priests began a special "Aishwarya Puja" (attainment of wealth and prosperity) at Navagraha Temple, Chandan Nagar, Pune, on a scale which is a first-of-its-kind. Readers can join the Sankalpam from any part of the world. The Puja will be on till August 29, 2014. The yagya would be offered to Bhuvaneshwari Devi, Kamala Devi, Kaali Mata, Shri Mahalakshmi, Shri Ganesha and Shanishwara Dev.

Agni Manthan highlight of Aishwarya Puja

Easily the most impressive part in the first day's events of the Aishwarya Puja at Pune was the Agni Manthan. An observer said, "I had always heard of it, but never seen it before". He had heard of such an experience at Kancheepuram and Varanasi.

M Lalitha presents Chenda and Chende

Violinist M Lalitha presents Chenda and Chende in the next episode of `MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN DIVINITY’ – A SERIES OF THEMATIC MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION, in Chennai on August 29, 2014. She will be accompanied by M Nandini, violinist.

This and That

infinitheism presents This & That (TAT), eight life-transforming sessions with Mahatria, which are uniquely designed to help individuals balance life's various paradoxes effortlessly.

Why imperfection is essential

Meena Om says imperfection is essential for existence, as perfection is essential for growth. As day and night. Nothing is higher or lower, better or worse.

Dushyanth Sridhar releases Narasingham DVD

Harikatha exponent Dushyanth Sridhar's new album titled 'NARASINGHAM' - Harikatha in Tamil -- has been released in Chennai. The musical discourse on Sri Narasimha Avataram has been released by Giri Trading Agency. DVD is available in Giri Stores across the country.

14 hour MP3 of Srimad Ramayanam by Dushyanth Sridhar

An MP3 CD of Harikatha exponent Dushyanth Sridhar on Srimad Ramayanam is now available. The CD has 14 hours of content on the discourse. It will be available at his lecture locations.

The Joy of Looking

Be like an empty flute, says Swami Sukhabodhananda . Passively observe the thoughts that come by. By practising being empty, there would be no barrier for the divine to enter you.

Sri Thirumeni Guruji performed Thiruvilakku Puja

Sri Thirumeni Guruji performed a grand Bhagavathy Seva/Thiruvilakku Puja on Saturday, July 26, 2014, at Jnanodaya Alayam, Samiyar Madam, Ashok Nagar, Chennai for the benefit of entire mankind. Sri Thirumeni Guruji has been regularly performing the Bhagavathy Seva every month in Chennai for the benefit of one and all. Bhagavathy Seva/ Thiruvilakku Puja is the worship of Devi Bhagavathy, which is believed to bestow all kinds of benefits to the devotee and also serves as a protection from all miseries and evils.

The 18th avatar of Lord Vishnu - By Ambujam Anantharaman

Kapila Muni, a sage who founded Sankhya philosophy, is deemed by the people of Rajasthan to be the 18th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The belief there is different – in most places in India we know of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, called “Dasavatar.” In that western Indian state, which has a huge border with Pakistan, the belief is that Lord Vishnu incarnated 22 times.

Shiv Mandir – Jaisalmer

Ambujam Anantharaman brings you a ringside view. The beautiful Gadisar Lake can be seen from the open balustrade to the left of the Shiv Mandir in Jaisalmer, the desert town in Rajasthan where every building is a work of art. Finding a temple in Jaisalmer is somewhat of a surprise, and is incidental to the necessary visit to the lake and to the shopping centre selling incredibly low-priced handlooms and handicrafts. Not to mention the camel ride in the desert to drink in of the setting sun.

On Krishna's request Bhishma stresses values of Dharma

Anticipating a laxity towards dharma in Kali Yuga, Lord Krishna had asked Bhishma, lying on the bed of arrows awaiting his death, to expound his views on dharma and governance and share his knowledge with the Pandavas, so that they be passed on down the line and be preserved. Bhishma was moved when Krishna, along with the Pandavas, visited him and blessed him during the final moments of his life. Thus Bhishma deemed it a great honour to restate the ideals, moral codes and the best of spiritual practices, in the presence of Krishna, not just for Yudhishtir and his brothers to follow. The Lord wanted these values to be available down the line for ever and to be preserved among the people.

Experience the highest knowledge

It is said that once when Azhwar and his disciple Kanikannan stayed in Kanchipuram, the king was angry over some issue and expressing his unhappiness with Azhwar's disciple Kannikannan asked him to leave the city. The Azhwar decided to accompany the disciple and asked the deity at Tiruvekka in Kanchipuram too to come along. The three, followed by a group of devotees, reached the outskirts of the city and stayed on the banks of Palar River for the night. The king realised that without the deity and the devotees, the city had no sheen and revoked the punishment of Kanikannan. When Azhwar and Kanikannan returned, the deity also came with them with his serpent bed. The deity is known as Yathokthakari — one who does as bidden.

Waking up to chanting of Lord's names

When Andal speaks about the importance of getting up early in the morning to seek Lord Krishna and imagines she is a Gopi in Ayarpadi, and talks about how one must overcome the slumber, it is actually a message for us to get out of the slumber of ignorance and wake up to be aware of the Lord, said Kalyanapuram R Aravumadachariar, in a discourse.

Sri Tirumeni Guruji performed special Bhagavathy seva

Sri Thirumeni Guruji has gained name and fame for the puja-s and homa-s/yagna-s that he conducts for the welfare of the people. He is very well-known for performing the Bhagavathy Seva (worship of Devi Bhagavathy, which is believed to bestow all kinds of benefits to the devotee and also serves as a protection from all miseries and evils. The performance of the Bhagavathy Seva once a month is considered to be equal to visiting the temple for thirty days).

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